How to Prune Frozen Root Vegetable Plants?

Answer It is not uncommon for cold-season root vegetables to experience heavy frost that damages their stems and leaves. Despite its damaged appearance, frozen root vegetable foliage will not negatively i... Read More »

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How do I prune frozen jade plants?

Trim Dead BranchesRemove any brown or black leaves or pods from the tree with sharp gardening shears or small scissors. Inspect the branches for signs of frost damage. They will be black or dark br... Read More »

How to Remove Dead Leaves to Prune a Hard Frozen Hibiscus?

Hibiscus is a tropical plant that does well in all climates if you care for the plant properly. The tropical variety can withstand cold to about 40 degrees and then must be brought inside for the c... Read More »

Can i recycle frozen vegetable bags in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles residents cannot recycle frozen vegetables bags in the curbside recycling program because these bags are generally made from low-density polyethylene (with a number "4" beneath the recy... Read More »

Do frozen drumsticks vegetable (saragwa) need to be peeled?

Drumsticks are cooked in a number of ways. We use them a lot in Indian cooking but always keep the peel on because it's very hard to get rid of the peel when it's uncooked. After it's cooked, it sp... Read More »