How to Prove a Trust Document Is Legal?

Answer Whenever you are conducting business regarding a trust, you will be asked to validate its contents. Financial institutions or other agencies will require this information in order to release funds ... Read More »

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When reading a trust document what does the u/a stand for?

In a trust document, the abbreviation u/a stands for "under agreement," which is one of two main types of personal trusts, the other being "under declaration of trust," abbreviated as u/d/t. In a t... Read More »

Legal Trust Information?

There are many different types of legal trusts. Each state's law has its own requirements to establish a trust. Those with specific legal questions about trusts should consult an estate attorney.

Legal Definition of a Trust?

A trust is a legal relationship existing among at least three individuals or entities. The person that creates the trust and provides property to the trust is called the grantor, trustor, or settlo... Read More »

Does a living trust have to be recorded to be legal?

No. While wills are considered to be matters of public record, living trusts are not. As long as the document is signed by the appropriate parties, it is considered to be legal and valid.References... Read More »