How to Prove a Conjecture With Infinite Solutions?

Answer Proving something true for an infinite number of situations poses some obvious problems: How do you check all those cases? How do you know there is a case you never thought of? If you are talking a... Read More »

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When did Euclid prove infinite primes?

Euclid proved that there are infinite primes around 300 B.C. He is considered the first to have done this and his theories continue to play an important role in mathematics over 2000 years later.So... Read More »

How to Know an Equation Has Infinite Solutions?

Equations with infinite solutions are commonly known as identity equations. An identity equation is formally defined as an equation that holds true for every single value of the variable. Essential... Read More »

How to Examine Metabolic Typing Conjecture?

If you consider metabolic types/typing you will find proportions of nutrients (foods) -- so that you may feel satisfied, and happy with your diet. This is a system of eating (each kind with a kind ... Read More »

What Is an Infinite Cycle?

A cycle or loop is an algorithm that causes a computer to repeat a set of instructions until a condition is met. Sometimes, a cycle is defined in such a way that there is no operating condition, or... Read More »