How to Prove That You Care About a Girl?

Answer When you are getting to know a girl and you think you might like her, it is important to show her you care and are interested in her. A girl usually knows that you care if you communicate it clearl... Read More »

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How to Prove to Your Parents That You Are Responsible Enough to Care for a Dog?

If you want a dog, but your parents say you aren't responsible enough (even if you promised to care for it and meant it), here is a method to show them that you are.

How does a pregnant 12-year-old prove to people that she can take care of the baby and doesn't require help from others?

Answer First of all, I don't believe it is possible. A 12-year-old doesn't have the education to get a good paying job and cannot support herself and the child. Without a job, help is going to b... Read More »

What evidence do you need to present in a divorce case to prove a parent is unfit to care for the children?

Answer If she's truly unfit, you should have some evidence, such as phone calls, emails or witnesses. But remember, the primary consideration in a divorce is your children, not yourselves. You m... Read More »

What to do when your brother compares you with his girlfriend and indirectly try to prove that she is better and beautiful than you while you don't care whether how she is but your brother words hurt?

First of all I wonder why your brother needed to make such spiteful remarks to you. His behaviour suggests that in some way he feels threatened by you, or jealous of you. He may perceive you as bei... Read More »