How to Prove Gold Is Real?

Answer "Real gold" doesn't have to be 100 percent pure gold. Most gold contains a small mixture of other metals to enhance its durability. Gold items bear a hallmark to show they have reached a legal stan... Read More »

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Are 1987 commemorative gold wildlife stamps real gold?

In 1987, a private company released a set of commemorative wildlife stamps, one for each of the 50 states. These stamps were created from gold foil or gold-colored metal and mimicked the images of ... Read More »

Doesnt this prove that 9/11 is setup or not real?

The film is not proof, but it is good to open peoples' eyes.The film does not present not a complete picture. If it made you ask questions, it met its goals. I suggest further reading. Sites I li... Read More »

Is gold leaf real gold?

Yes, gold leaf is real gold. It is pure gold that has been beaten into an extremely thin layer or foil. About 20 grams of gold will result in 6 square meters of gold leaf, according to Mosaic Art S... Read More »

How to Tell if Gold Is Real?

By American standards, fake gold is anything less than 10 Karats. If you're wondering whether your gold is real, the most reliable way to find out is to take it to a certified jeweler and have it t... Read More »