How to Protect your Car's Dashboard without a Glossy Finish?

Answer Using a protectant spray on your car's dash and interior protects it, gives it a nice clean look and even tone, as well as repels dust. The problem is the vast majority of products out there make y... Read More »

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How Does a Dashboard Cover Protect a Car Dashboard?

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Matte finish vs Glossy LCD?

If you have lamps or windows in the room that are on or open while you watch TV, you will see their reflection in a glossy TV. This will interfere with the picture and reduce its contrast.

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How to Protect a Vehicle Dashboard From UV Damage?

When you see those cars with UV shields in the windshield, you may assume that the drivers are just trying to ward off the unpleasantness of getting into a steamy hot car. But some may be more conc... Read More »