How to Protect Yourself from Violent Parents?

Answer Do you have abusive parents? Parents that are addicted to something bad and only live to put you through Hell? Well, here's how to protect yourself.

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I gave up my son for adoption to protect him from his father who was very violent how do i find him now?

Please let me apologize on behalf of some of the answerers here who have been so rude to you.I am an adoptee and would have been absolutely thrilled if my mother had found meChanges to the law in D... Read More »

Is violent children the parents fault?

i think the parents have a part in the violence that the children have, if the are brought up with violence then they dont know any better

How to Stay Safe if Your Parents Get Violent?

Your parents love you more than anything else, but if they start to get violent towards each other, you could be in danger. Here's how to stay safe if your parents get into a big fight, and violenc... Read More »

Are people who watched violent shows as children going to be violent when they become adults?

On One Hand: TV Violence Desensitizes ChildrenAccording to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, children exposed to violent TV shows become desensitized to violence, accept viol... Read More »