How to Protect Yourself From a Virus?

Answer Viruses such as the cold and the flu are everywhere; some you can avoid and some you cannot. The cold and flu are the most common viruses and the easiest to prevent, by simply washing your hands mo... Read More »

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How to Protect Yourself from the Sun?

This is an article for those who are concerned about their health. Staying out in the sun may give you a nice tan, but it is not worth the skin damage that it can cause. Here are some tips on how t... Read More »

How do I protect a computer from virus?

Install antivirus software on your computer. Insert the antivirus program disc in the CD or DVD drive and click on the install option when your computer recognizes the CD. After the program install... Read More »

How Can I Protect My Computer From a Virus?

Computers are very useful, especially for common tasks such as word processing, Web browsing and networking. However, it is important to be aware of the programs that can harm your computer. Malici... Read More »

How to Protect Yourself from 3D Fatigue?

Three dimensional (3D) screens are becoming more commonplace and are starting to fill our home space. While there are thrills to be had from 3D usage at home, there are already a number of possible... Read More »