How to Protect Yourself Against Vehicle Liens?

Answer When it's time to sell or trade in your old car, having access to your car title ensures a smooth transaction. If your car has a lien, someone other than you claims a portion of the vehicle's value... Read More »

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How to Protect Yourself From State Tax Liens?

Tax liens are placed on property that you own by the government to secure the payment of taxes due. Not only can the government place liens on property you already own, they can place a lien on pro... Read More »

How to Protect a Vehicle Dashboard From UV Damage?

When you see those cars with UV shields in the windshield, you may assume that the drivers are just trying to ward off the unpleasantness of getting into a steamy hot car. But some may be more conc... Read More »

How to Protect Windshield of a Towed Vehicle?

Towed vehicles are at risk for significant damage if the tow is not conducted carefully. Whether the car is towed by a tow truck for repair purposes or if the vehicle is hitched to a motor home for... Read More »

How to Protect the Bottom of Your Vehicle From Road Salt?

In cities with snowy winters, road salt is often the first line of defense against icy roads. When spread on snow and ice, salt reacts with it to lower the water's freezing temperature and keeping ... Read More »