How to Protect Your Music Composition?

Answer Copyright protection gives the composer of a musical work sole rights to record and distribute it. According to U.S. Law, effective as of 1978, a music composition is already protected by copyright... Read More »

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The Best Colleges for Music Composition?

Most music colleges offers degrees in composition, in which students will learn composition techniques, tonal harmonies, orchestration, and more. Music composition colleges can prepare you for care... Read More »

Colleges With Majors in Music Composition?

For students interested in writing their own music and breaking into the music industry, a degree in music composition can provide the edge needed to succeed. While schools that offer degrees in th... Read More »

Distance Learning Music Composition Courses?

Distance learning --- when the student is separated from the instructor by time or location --- makes use of a variety of resources such as textbooks, Internet-based curricula, CD ROM, audio-video ... Read More »

List of Careers Involving Music Composition?

There are many different career paths that a person with a music composition background can choose to pursue. Musical composition is not just defined by creating music, but also branches out into p... Read More »