How to Protect Your House and Pipes During a Freeze?

Answer In the colder winter months, water pipes can freeze and break, causing great damage to a home. Insulating the pipes with foam tubing will help protect them from freezing during the winter. This tub... Read More »

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Why does my air conditioning pipes freeze up so much?

You are low on refrigerant, call an ac company to check for leaks then top it off. Technical term is the refrigerant is flash gassing inside the bigger (suction) pipe before it gets to the inside c... Read More »

How fast can hot tub pipes freeze?

Hot tub pipes with water inside can freeze quickly when the outside temperature reaches 20 degrees Farenheit or below. Drain hot tub pipes prior to cold seasons to prevent ice buildup and the resul... Read More »

What can you do if your pipes freeze at the kitchen sink?

You can do the hair dryer thing.Leave the taps open so water comes out when it does and start the heating from where the pipe goes into the wall and farther in (which means opening the wall to heat... Read More »

At what temperature do water pipes freeze?

The temperature at which water pipes freeze is 20 degrees F. It is at that temperature water pipes begin to freeze forming ice within the pipe. If ice begins to build the added water pressure can c... Read More »