How to Protect Your Hair From Pool Chemicals?

Answer As beneficial as chlorine can be for protecting you from bacteria in a pool, it also can be problematic for your hair. Chlorine can strip moisture from your hair and leave it dry and prone to break... Read More »

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How to Protect Dyed Hair From Pool Chemicals?

Dyed hair can become dry and dull from chemical processing. Swimming and exposure to pool chemicals can also contribute to even more damage to hair strands. Hair absorbs liquids like a sponge when ... Read More »

How to Protect Your Bathing Suit from Pool Chemicals?

Proper bathing suit care can greatly extend the life of your bathing suit. Many people swim in pools or bathe in hot tubs that use harsh chemicals like chlorine to kill bacteria, but also are hard ... Read More »

How to Protect Hair from Swimming Pool Chlorine?

Your cool refreshing summertime dip in the community swimming pool could be doing major damage to your hair. While chlorine-treated pools protect swimmers from germs, the chlorine in swimming pools... Read More »

How to Protect Color-Treated Hair From Chlorine in Pool Water?

Getting your hair professionally done can cost quite a bit of money. So it's always a huge bummer when you take a dip in a pool and your hair fades, or worse, turns green. Chlorine and other pool c... Read More »