How to Protect Your Computer from Your Parents?

Answer You definitely want to customize your PC, and even more so protect it from your parents, roommates, or whoever lives in your house.

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How to Protect Yourself from Violent Parents?

Do you have abusive parents? Parents that are addicted to something bad and only live to put you through Hell? Well, here's how to protect yourself.

How parents can protect and prepare young ones against threats?

Teaching your child to identify safe versus non-safe situations is a great place to start. Talk to your child about the dangers they might face out in the "real world" and help them learn the best ... Read More »

What do some adoptive parents think they need to protect adult adoptee from birthparent?

Hi Jenny,In all honesty, when they say that they are protecting the adoptees, I believe it is actually a misguided attempt to protect THEMSELVES.Adoptees & their first families need no more additio... Read More »

How to protect your eyes when using computer(for computer programmers)?

Gunnar optics is geared specifically for YOU, and gamers. They are specifically designed to reduce stress on your eyes for long hours. Otherwise my optic doc told me that if I spend 1 hr staring ... Read More »