How to Protect Relays From Inductive Loads?

Answer Relays are used as switching devices to allow a low-power electrical switch to actuate a high-power electrical device. When a relay is used to operate an inductive load -- such as an electric motor... Read More »

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How to Calculate Inductive Reactance?

The total impedance, Z, of a circuit is comprised of its real and imaginary, or resistive and reactive components. The common equation used to express this is: Z = R + jX where R is resistance, j i... Read More »

Inductive Methods in Economics?

Human reason employs two processes for understanding phenomena: deductive and inductive reasoning. Deductive reasoning is based on general principles while inductive reasoning involves observing ph... Read More »

What Is an Inductive Bible Study Method?

The inductive Bible study method is based on a review of the context surrounding each passage of scripture. Investigation of each statement is crucial in understanding the meaning of the Bible. Kay... Read More »