How to Protect Furniture From Cat Spray?

Answer The best way to protect furniture from cat spraying is to find the reason for the cat's behavior and take corrective action. Cats that spray on furniture do so for a number of reasons. Urine markin... Read More »

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How to Protect Furniture from Dogs?

There are several reasons dogs may chew on or damage your furniture; including separation anxiety, stress, and boredom. Sometimes dogs will chew furniture as a way to exert their energy if they are... Read More »

How to Protect Furniture from Cats?

Cats scratch to stretch muscles and remove old claw sheaths, and to a cat, furniture may seem like a natural place to scratch. While some cat owners may choose to have their cat declawed, others pr... Read More »

How to Protect Leather Furniture From Cats?

Cats mark their territory through scratching. In the wild, this wards other cats away from their territory. Domestic cats feel the need to do the same, especially if sharing a home with other anima... Read More »

How to Protect Your Garden Furniture from Corrosion?

Check out the market today, and you will see that there are so many different kinds of garden furniture today made from all kinds of material. Iron and steel remain a key element in many home garde... Read More »