How to Protect Auto Door Rubber Gaskets?

Answer Living in colder areas of the United States can wreak havoc on a vehicle. Many people take the time to "winterize" their car by preparing the tires, engine and interior of their car for the frigid ... Read More »

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How to Restore the Finish to the Rubber Gaskets on an Auto?

Rubber gaskets are used for a variety of purposes on your vehicle. They are used to form seals between moving metal parts in the car engine, and they are used to form airtight and waterproof seals ... Read More »

How do I reattach rubber on an auto door frame?

Attachment PointsCheck for physical attachment points. Depending on the design of the door frame, some rubber for auto door frames can be reattached simply by pressing tabs back in. Some others can... Read More »

How to Install Rubber Valve Cover Gaskets?

Every vehicle's engine is different and the placement for the securing bolts that hold the valve cover in place varies from model to model. On some vehicles you will need to remove engine parts to ... Read More »

What is safe lubrication for rubber gaskets?

A silicone grease is safe to lubricate rubber gaskets. Silicone grease is waterproof and it preserves rubber and keeps it from expanding and softening. On the other hand, do not use petroleum-based... Read More »