How to Protect Against Medicare Depleting an Estate?

Answer Many seniors work their entire lives building an estate that they think will take care of them as they age. For many it works out just the way they planned, but others who are in poor health may ex... Read More »

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How to Protect Against an STD?

This is, like the title says, how to protect against an STD. The best protection is abstinence, but for those determined to have sex, here are some other ways of protecting yourself.

How to Protect Against Sunburn?

Almost all health officials agree that there is no such thing as a healthy tan, but a sunburn is particularly damaging to your skin and may result in pain, swelling, blistering and long-term skin d... Read More »

How to Protect Against EMP Attacks?

Nuclear weapons are best known for their ability to create massive devastation and death on the ground when detonated over a city. Less well known, however, is a type of nuclear attack that could h... Read More »

How to protect against diabetes?

No doubt about it, you have the genetic tendency to adult onset diabetes. You must avoid sugar and most carbohydrates, which turn to sugar the minute they hit your system.There are two exceptional... Read More »