How to Prorate an Early Termination Fee?

Answer When signing up for a service, such as a cell phone or Internet service, the service provider often will require you to sign a contract for a specified period. In the fine print, there may be an ea... Read More »

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Early Termination of a Leased Vehicle?

When a person cannot afford to make the lease payments on a vehicle, one option is to simply return the vehicle. However, this is a bad idea for many reasons. The good news is that a number of opti... Read More »

How much is early termination fee for dish network?

You can perform a search on your receiver to find the channel and time it will be broadcast. Just press the Menu button on your remote to bring up the Main Menu on your TV. Press 2 (Themes and Sear... Read More »

Simple IRA Early Termination Penalties?

Simple IRAs are retirement plans for small businesses which have fewer than 100 employees making more than $5,000 per calendar year. They can be set up by either for-profit or not-for-profit compan... Read More »

Can a cosigner be sued for early termination of lease?