How to Properly a Wear Graduation Gown?

Answer When graduation day is approaching, graduates have a lot to deal with. Whether it's a high school or college graduation, most graduates are finishing up any assignments or applications and focusing... Read More »

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What should I wear under my graduation gown?

Whether you are graduating from high school, college or another institution, graduation day is a big occasion, and what you wear under your gown can have as much an impact on the day as the gown it... Read More »

How to Wear a Tab on Collar for Graduation Gown?

Graduation day is full of pomp and circumstance, and regal gowns are one of the ways the gravity of the students' accomplishment is showcased. In recent years, tab-on collars have been given to stu... Read More »

How long should your graduation gown be?

Graduation gowns fit loosely and the hem should fall between the ankle and the knee. If the hem is above the knee, the gown is too short, and if the hem is below the ankle, the gown is too long.Sou... Read More »

How to Tailor a Graduation Gown?

Sometimes a graduate has no size choice when it comes to her graduation gown. Many of these gowns are one size fits most, and if you are petite, there will be a lot of excess fabric. Tailoring the ... Read More »