How to Properly Use a Bidet?

Answer A bidet is a low-mounted washing station for your genitals and anus area. Usually located in the bathroom next to the toilet, the bidet streams water out of the bowl when the faucets are turned on.... Read More »

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What is a bidet for?

A bidet is used to clean the genital and anal region after using a toilet. They are primarily used in Europe, though they are gaining popularity in the United States. In a standard bathroom, they w... Read More »

How Does One Actually Use a Bidet?

If you live in the United States and you haven't done much traveling throughout your lifetime, you've probably never seen or used a bidet. A bidet is a bathroom fixture that is used to clean a pers... Read More »

What is a bidet used for?

The word bidet has two meanings, one clearly more apt to be used than the other. The Oxford English Dictionary dates its first usage back to 1630.EtymologyThe word "bidet" is of French origin, and ... Read More »

Why use a bidet?

A bidet is either a stand-alone unit or an attachment to any standard toilet that is meant to clean the genital and anal areas after the use of the restroom. Bidets have a wide variety of health an... Read More »