How to Properly Use Bobby Pins?

Answer The bobby pin can serve an important purpose in a variety of hairstyles, even with its diminutive size and basic shape. Not only can bobby pins hold stray wisps of hair back away from your face, bu... Read More »

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How to Paint Bobby Pins?

The big party is fast approaching. You have the dress, the shoes and you are planning to wear a long pink wig to complete the outfit. You want to add another hairpiece on top of the wig, but you do... Read More »

How to Embellish Bobby Pins?

Keeping up with hairstyle trends is an ever-changing, expensive endeavor and even the classic bobby pin has been transformed over the years into a stylized item. While there are a growing number of... Read More »

How to Put the Bobby Pins in My Bump?

A bump of volume at the crown of the head can give an updo a touch of elegance and class. The trick to getting a bump to stay put in your hair is to secure it tightly with a few bobby pins. Sweep u... Read More »

Who named bobby pins?

The first patent for an invention named the bobby pin was filed by Harry M. Snyder in 1937. The Online Etymology Dictionary says the term "bobby pin" originated in 1936 and explains that it is rel... Read More »