How to Properly Play Drum Set Cymbals?

Answer The different sounds of the metal cymbals add a whole palette of sound colors to the drum kit. A typical drum kit--in addition to a total of usually four or five drums--will have several different ... Read More »

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How to Make Drum Set Cymbals Quieter?

On a drum set, sometimes either for practicing or performance purposes you'll want to quiet your cymbals. The three most common ways to accomplish this are muting the cymbals with towels, using fit... Read More »

What are the three drum cymbals called?

The three major drum cymbals are the high hat cymbal, the ride cymbal and the crash cymbal. The high hat and ride cymbals are used mainly to keep the beat in a song. The crash cymbals are mainly us... Read More »

How to Properly Break in Drum Brakes?

Once you've replaced the drum brakes on your vehicle, you'll find they won't work well at high speeds until you break them in. The stopping power is weak when you first install new drum brakes and ... Read More »

How to Play Drum Rudiments?

Instead of having a range of notes like most instruments, the snare drum (and many other types) rely on rudiments. There are 26 Essential Rudiments, but are several others kinds as well. Rudiments ... Read More »