How to Properly Lift My Truck?

Answer Trucks are lifted during maintenance to reach components that need to be adjusted or replaced. Lifting a truck usually involves crawling under the vehicle after. For this reason it is important to ... Read More »

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How to Properly Lift a Load?

Need to move something? There are a few simple steps to prevent injury.

How to Use a Wheelchair Lift Properly?

Wheelchair lifts make it possible for people in wheelchairs to get in and out of vehicles safely and efficiently. However, you must use a lift properly to ensure the safety of both you and the pass... Read More »

How to Lift an Object Properly to Avoid Strain?

Avoid Back StrainLifting heavy objects is a part of many people's jobs. Even if it is not part of your job, you must pay attention to the way you lift things so that you do not get hurt. These simp... Read More »

How much does it cost to lift a truck?

On One Hand: Go Big, or Go HomeCost will depend on chassis size, body type and how high you want to lift your truck. Most kits range between $400 for a basic suspension kit to $1,600 for a 4-inch, ... Read More »