How to Properly Install an HID Bulb?

Answer HID, or high intensity discharge, bulbs need to be installed properly or they won't work. The bulbs use significantly higher voltages than halogen lamps and also require a ballast to start. The bal... Read More »

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How does one properly dispose of an incandescent light bulb?

AnswerIncandescent bulbs contain lead. Contact your local garbage or recycling facility to ask about their disposal methods, whether or not they will pick them up for your house or if you have to d... Read More »

How to Install & Properly Vent a Bathroom Fan?

A bathroom ventilation fan can help remove odors from the bathroom. But even more important, it will remove moisture and help prevent moisture-related problems, such as mildew, that could become bi... Read More »

How to Properly Install an Intake Manifold on an SBC?

Replacing the intake manifolds on a small-block Chevrolet, or SBC, engine is a common performance upgrade. Even if you're not selecting an aftermarket manifold for improved performance, you must ta... Read More »

How to Properly Install a Cable Amplifier?

Long cable runs sometimes require additional amplification. Inserting a cable amplifier at the "head end" or the point of signal entry, can make the difference between sporadic Internet connectivi... Read More »