How to Properly Clean a Fish Bowl for Small Tropical Fish?

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How to Properly Clean a Tropical Fish Tank?

Tropical fish are some of the most beautiful pets anyone can have. Tanks that are filled with tropical fish are the essence of tranquility, add character and radiate peace anywhere they are placed.... Read More »

How to Clean the Bottom of a Tropical Fish Tank?

Keeping the bottom of a tropical fish tank clean is one of the most important steps to overall tank health and maintenance. Aquarium gravel acts as a trap for all sorts of dirt and debris in the ta... Read More »

Why do tropical fish lie on the bottom of the fish tank?

Tropical fish stay at the bottom of the tank for long periods of time either because they are ill or because they're asleep.SleepAlthough they do not have eyelids, fish sleep like any other creatur... Read More »

How to Clean a Fish Bowl?

If you want an easy way to clean any fish bowl, look no further. Keep in mind that a fish bowl is not the ideal home for any fish, and can be detrimental to their health.