How to Propel a Rubber Band?

Answer Rubber bands are often used to hold things together, such as decks of cards and stacks of papers. But everyone knows that the greatest use of a rubber band is to use it as a projectile.

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How to Launch a Rubber Band?

Here are a couple ways to launch a rubber band on those lazy afternoons in the office or at the homework desk when you really cannot think of something more productive to do...

Who invented the rubber band gun?

The first rubber band gun was patented as a magazine spring gun by Abraham L. Rich on Feb. 14, 1882, as a fully functioning rifle intended for practical uses. A toy version of the rubber band gun w... Read More »

How to Do Rubber Band Penetration?

How we can separate two rubber bands from each other? Is it possible? is.This is a baffling and quite visible penetration.

How far can a rubber band stretch?

A large (.006m thick, .08m diameter) rubber band will stretch to .124m at room temperature without breaking. This is a conservative figure however, as folk methods of dead-reckoning indicate that ... Read More »