How to Propagate a Persian Shield Plant?

Answer The Persian shield plant (Strobilanthes dyerianus) is a tropical plant grown for its attractive foliage. The purple leaves light up the shade garden in U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 9a throu... Read More »

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How to Propagate a ZZ Plant?

The ZZ plant--Zamioculcas zamiifolia--is a nearly indestructible, slow-growing indoor plant that can survive periods of low light, neglect, infrequent feeding and prolonged dry periods. Native to E... Read More »

How do i propagate an aloe plant?

PreparingPrepare pots for the new aloe vera plants. New plants should be kept out of direct sunlight and protected from any cold temperatures, so pot growing is best.Fill pots with quick-draining, ... Read More »

How do I propagate a thyme plant?

Propagate By CuttingsTake several cuttings where the leaves attach to the stem and remove the leaves below each cut. Insert the cuttings into a light, moist soil mix and cover loosely with a plasti... Read More »

How do i propagate a kalanchoe plant?

PreparationWash a 6-inch to 8-inch plant pot with soapy water. Rinse the container with one part bleach and nine parts water. Three or four cuttings will fit into a plant pot this size. Mix togethe... Read More »