How to Propagate Sun Parasol Mandevilla?

Answer Sun Parasol mandevilla is an evergreen shrub with oval, glossy deep green leaves. The leaves grow 3 inches long and are 2 inches wide. Sun Parasol mandevilla came to North America in 2003, and it... Read More »

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DIY Parasol?

For Victorian "steampunk" style, a parasol is an important piece for any lady's ensemble. Whether you are looking for a classic and elegant outfit for an event or a fun costume for a masquerade, a ... Read More »

How to Hang a Parasol?

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Mandevilla Pests?

Mandevilla is a genus that incorporates about 100 species of tropical ornamental vines. These plants are prized for showy, fragrant flowers, rapid and climbing growth, and the versatility that allo... Read More »

How do I grow mandevilla plants?

LocationChoose an area that is sunny to partly sunny with well-drained and rich but sandy soil for mandevilla plants. This plant does not like wet or soggy soil. Adding some sand to clay-based soil... Read More »