How to Propagate Succulents Without Seeds?

Answer Succulent plants are easy to care for because they store nutrients in their leaves, roots and stems. The plants can survive in a wide range of climates and conditions. Succulents are unique because... Read More »

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How to Propagate Tomato Seeds?

One way to ensure you grow the same successful variety of tomato plant year after year is to propagate the tomato plant from seeds. While some gardeners prefer to take cuttings from an established ... Read More »

How do I propagate silk tree seeds?

Starting SeedsSoak the silk, or mimosa, tree seed in water for two hours. Silk tree seeds are extremely hard and may be dormant for many years. Soaking them ensures they will germinate.PlantingPlan... Read More »

How to Propagate Sensitive Plants From Seeds?

The sensitive plant is a nickname for the Mimosa pudica, a tropical plant native to South and Central America. It takes its nickname from the fact that the leaves will close up if touched, even by ... Read More »

How to Propagate Sweet Gum Tree Seeds?

The American sweetgum tree (Liquidambar styraciflua), native to the eastern portion of North America, is a deciduous tree in a family of flowering plants whose genealogy has been traced back 90 mil... Read More »