How to Propagate Agave Attenuata?

Answer The Agave attenuata is a relatively rare plant from the mountains of central Mexico, although it is becoming very popular with gardeners in the U.S., especially those in the southern states. The Ag... Read More »

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What is the common name of agave attenuata?

The common names of the plant with the scientific name of Agave attenuata include swan’s neck agave, lion's tail and foxtail agave. This species is a perennial plant featuring a thickened stem an... Read More »

Do Haworthia attenuata produce aloe?

They are both part of the subfamily Asphodeloideae, but they do not produce aloe vera.

What is raw agave?

Many on a raw diet have gravitated toward hard-to-find raw agave, derived from the agave plant native to Mexico. There are several uses for raw agave, including to make tequila, and agave nectar is... Read More »

What is an agave?

Agave plants are a variety of desert succulents which originated in the arid regions of the Southern United States, Mexico and Central America. They are grown for their edible uses and for decorati... Read More »