How to Program an RCU404?

Answer The RCA universal remote control (RCU404) is programmable to a number of entertainment center components, such as televisions and DVD players. This allows you to use one remote to control the basic... Read More »

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RCA RCU404 Instructions?

If you have lost your remote control, or the remote has malfunctioned, instead of having to get up to control your device by hand you can purchase the RCA RCU404 universal remote. The RCU404 is a f... Read More »

Python Programming: How do I send program flow to some other part in the program?

You might try something like this:while choice < 10 or choice > 20:    choice = input('Choose a number between 10 and 20: ')Another way you could do this:while True:    choice = input('Choo... Read More »

How to Limit Gaming or Any Program Usage Time with HomeGuard Program Blocker?

Games overuse/addiction is a very serious problem that can hinder real life development, damage family relations and even lead to death in extreme cases! ([1])

What is the difference between a word processing program&a text editing program?

There are many different ways to enter text into a PC. However, the two most common ways to enter text are through either a text editor or a word processor.FunctionText editors are programs that al... Read More »