How to Program an Excel Spreadsheet to Auto Update From the Web?

Answer Creating an Excel spreadsheet to update automatically from the Internet can be highly beneficial if you wish to keep track of stock changes. According to Microsoft, "if you import your data, Excel ... Read More »

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How do I Convert an Excel Spreadsheet to a PDF Program?

If you want to share your Excel spreadsheet with other people but don't want the content to be changed, then an Portable Document Format (PDF) document could suit your needs. A PDF not only ensures... Read More »

Do you use Excel or another spreadsheet program in your family?

The answer to your initial question is: MS-Excel (but only because I have been using it the longest).I do have three other spreadsheet applications on computers at home: • Lotus 1-2-3 • O... Read More »

How to Calculate Correlation With the Excel Spreadsheet Program?

Correlation shows how much a set of variables may be related to each other. It is a very helpful and often-used calculation in statistics. On paper, correlation can be difficult to calculate, but l... Read More »

How can I have my web page auto-update when I change something in an Excel worksheet?

By having Microsoft ASP and using Microsoft IIS server. But you may not have those available to you, unless you are running in a large corporate environment. Or you could use Microsoft Office Live... Read More »