How to Program an Electronic Car Key?

Answer Electronic car keys (also known as transponder keys or chip keys) emerged in the 1990s as a security and convenience measure for automobiles. Once programmed, you can use these keys to start your e... Read More »

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How to Program an Oldsmobile Electronic Key?

Electronic keys feature on many vehicles, including most Oldsmobiles. These automatic ignition keys can be programmed from your driver's seat, and are used to engage your ignition. Once you program... Read More »

How can you use electronic drums to open a program in windows 7?

Near as I can tell, those are an HID device, and show up as a Game controller.With that, the software linked below may work for you. I haven't tested it to know though.

I've removed a program(via add/remove): if now restore computer to prior date, will program be re-added?

The restore point only saves the state of the machine. It does not save applications or specific documents. ... once it's gone, it's gone. (unless you use some serious whiz-bang tools to recover th... Read More »

How to Limit Gaming or Any Program Usage Time with HomeGuard Program Blocker?

Games overuse/addiction is a very serious problem that can hinder real life development, damage family relations and even lead to death in extreme cases! ([1])