How to Program a TI 83 Plus Calculator?

Answer If you have a TI-83 Plus calculator, you can program it for the same types of applications you use on your cell phone or notepad. The TI-83 Plus features a program editor where you can enter specia... Read More »

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How to Program a Depreciation Calculator?

Many businesses like to have depreciation calculators to keep track of the hard numbers on depreciating equipment or products. Since depreciation is a linear phenomenon, a depreciation calculator w... Read More »

TI-84+ Graphing Calculator Program Help?

There is no native way to check if a string has been defined in TI-Basic.However, what you could do is used a custom list along with the string, and use the list to check if the string has been def... Read More »

How to Make & Program Games on a TI-83 Calculator?

You can take advantage of the TI-83's programming and graphing capability to make and program all types of games. Once you're done, you can share the game you create with others on one of the many... Read More »

How to Program a TI-36X Solar Calculator for School?

The TI-36X from Texas Instruments is a useful calculator for a school math class. Its functions are useful for advanced algebra, trigonometry, computer science, chemistry, and statistics. The solar... Read More »