How to Program a Key for a Lincoln Town Car?

Answer The Lincoln Town Car features transponder key technologies. You can program your "smart keys" to start your ignition. Once programmed, only these smart keys will be able to engage the ignition. Res... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot a Lincoln Town Car?

The Lincoln Town Car is a luxury sedan that features a V-8 engine and automatic transmission. Newer models of the car are equipped with satellite navigation, a digital speedometer and parking senso... Read More »

How many O2 sensors are on a 99 Lincoln Town Car?

There are two O2, or oxygen, sensors on a 1999 Lincoln Town Car. The oxygen sensors are located on the exhaust system. Follow the tail pipe to the catalytic converter. There is one sensor on the ma... Read More »

Why does a Lincoln Town Car Backfire?

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How to Replace an Alternator on a Lincoln Town Car?

Replacing the alternator on a Lincoln Town Car can be done in about an hour. The alternator in this sedan sits at the front of the engine compartment directly behind the radiator, allowing for easy... Read More »