How to Program Voicemail on LG Phone?

Answer You can set the voicemail speed dial on your LG phone through the phone's menus. LG makes two types of phones. The company's regular phones run a propriety operating system, while LG smart phones u... Read More »

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How do I dial directly to a voicemail without ringing someone's cell phone aka "voicemail backdoor"?

depending on the carrier.... dial the area code the first 3 numbers of the number then MAIL..(1-646-458-mail). then the recording will ask enter the ten digit mobile number... then your in the voi... Read More »

How to Program a Dedicated Voicemail to the Motorola Q9?

One of the convenient features of your Motorola Q CDMA smartphone is a dedicated voicemail service. Like other Windows Mobile devices on the Verizon wireless network, your device receives a voicema... Read More »

How do I Access Voicemail From Another Phone Using the Cisco IP Phone 7940 Series?

This unified phone system by Cisco is for employees in a small or large office environment. It includes features such as a built-in headset, speakerphone, large pixel display and two-phone-line acc... Read More »

How do I set up the voicemail on my phone?

well if you don't know your password then you have to contact your Verizon provider. the pound key looks like a number sign "#" ... call your own number in a dail-pad and it will take you to your ... Read More »