How to Process Sugarcane?

Answer Knowing how to process sugarcane in the right way will help you to remove as much of the sugary juice of the stalk from the fibrous bagasse. Most sugarcane is processed in factories but you can do ... Read More »

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What state has the most sugarcane?

Although most of the world's sugarcane comes from the tropics and subtropics, millions of tons are grown in the United States each year. Florida grows almost half of the nation's sugarcane, the mos... Read More »

Do iguanas eat sugarcane?

Iguanas are herbivores that eat mostly leafy, green vegetables like lettuce, collard and mustard greens, and watercress. They also eat other vegetables, fruits, rice and grains in smaller proportio... Read More »

Which country produces the most sugarcane?

Producing more than 36 million tons of sugar in 2009, Brazil is the largest producer and leader in exports in the world. With its favorable climate and geography for growing sugarcane, Brazil has b... Read More »

Why does sugarcane juice cause throat pain?

its not the sugarcane juice which caused your throat pain ,,,,,,,,its the low quality ice cubes put in it by the road side vendor which caused you pain ,,,,,,,by the way ,,,the cold ice cubes are b... Read More »