How to Process Checks Like Debits?

Answer When a customer writes your business a check, she is basically guaranteeing herself a waiting period of several days before you cash or deposit the check and before your bank contacts her bank to w... Read More »

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How to Process Checks Electronically?

When you have a business and your clients pay by check, you can process these checks electronically. Processing checks electronically means that you are converting the hard copy check into an elect... Read More »

In what order does a bank process checks?

Most U.S. banks process checks from the largest amount to the least amount. This means that if a check for $5 arrived before a $20 check, the $20 check would be processed first that day.References:... Read More »

How to Understand Debits and Credits?

In bookkeeping under General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), debit and credit refer to type of account and entries to accounts.Entries to the left side of the an account are debits (DR), and... Read More »

The Meaning of Debits and Credits?

The mathematics of accounting is elementary. It's the principles behind accounting that create confusion. One of the most confusing accounting principles is the double-entry system. Every accountin... Read More »