How to Print on Napkins?

Answer Napkins emblazoned with a monogram or a design can add a personalized touch to a table setting. The easiest do-it-yourself method for adding prints to paper napkins is by using a wooden or rubber s... Read More »

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How to Print on Paper Napkins?

Crafters and home entertainers use colored napkins in projects or for dinner parties. At times they would like to use their own designs on the napkins and professional printing is cost-prohibitive,... Read More »

Could you please tell me. when i print form a web page it is in small print. how can i enlarge the print.?

On Internet explorer You can enlarge/reduce the text on the web page you want to print by pressing CTRL and and moving your wheel mouse up or down. Another option to change your text size is to cl... Read More »

Uses for Napkins?

Most people use napkins for their intended purpose--making mealtimes a less messy event. Some prefer cloth napkins while others prefer paper disposable ones, but in general they wash or throw away ... Read More »

What is the origin of napkins?

The napkin originated when the Spartans would take a lump of dough called apomagdalie and cut it into small pieces and roll and kneed it at the table, according to Food Reference. This led to other... Read More »