How to Print on Mylar?

Answer Mylar is the material used for balloons. It is possible to print directly onto the Mylar with an inkjet printer. This is a great way to customize your balloons. Many party planners will print famil... Read More »

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How to Print Photos on Mylar Balloons?

Print digital photos directly onto Mylar balloons with a standard, top-loading Inkjet printer. Many manufacturers of large, colorful Mylar balloons provide special Mylar balloons designed to feed t... Read More »

How to Print Photo Mylar Balloons With an Inkjet Printer?

Personalize Mylar balloons with photos of family and friends printed directly onto the Mylar balloons with a standard top loading inkjet printer. Don't wait for a printer to do it and risk missing ... Read More »

Can you sew Mylar?

You can sew Mylar with a sewing machine or by hand. To achieve the best results you should sew the Mylar to a stabilizing fabric such as felt. It's also wise to test the Mylar first to see if it is... Read More »

Foil Vs. Mylar?

Aluminum foil and Mylar are two very different materials. Although when most people think of Mylar, they think of the shiny, silver balloons, that is not actually what Mylar naturally looks like. R... Read More »