How to Prime the Oil Pump?

Answer After an oil change, the low oil pressure light may remain on or the oil pressure gauge may register little or no pressure. This is generally caused by the oil pump losing its prime during an oil c... Read More »

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How to Prime a Hot Tub Pump?

Hut tubs need to be primed in order to purge air. Air restricts the pump action. You can tell when a hot tub isn't primed properly because the motor operates, but no water flows to the jets. There ... Read More »

How to Prime a Water Pump?

Water pumps will run out of pressure and stop working if turned off for an extended period of time, such as over the winter. In order to get the pump working again, it needs to "primed": water need... Read More »

How to Prime a Pool Pump?

A pool pump circulates water through a pool's filtration system. A properly functioning pool pump is critical to keeping water in a swimming pool safe and clean. When too much air enters the pump, ... Read More »

How do I prime a swimming pool pump?

Priming Your PumpTurn off your swimming pool pump, and unplug it as well. Open the "air relief" valve--locations and specifics may vary by manufacturer--and close skimmer inlets. Open the drain val... Read More »