How to Prime a Fuel System?

Answer Air often gets into the fuel line when a vehicle runs completely out of gas. This causes a vehicle to have problems starting, forcing you to "prime" the fuel system to remove the air. Pump fuel th... Read More »

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How to Prime the Fuel System on a Ford Power Stroke?

The Ford Power Stroke diesel line of engines has a rather finicky fuel system. In the event you run out of fuel, replace the fuel filters or perform any other work on the fuel system, you will need... Read More »

How to Prime a Fuel Filter?

The fuel filter is the main component in the fuel system that keeps any and all fuel impurities from getting into the fuel injectors. Most fuel filters are made with fibers inside designed to trap ... Read More »

How to Prime Fuel to My RV Generator?

Many owners of recreational vehicles, or RVs, experience difficulty starting their remote and on-board generators. Problems occur so frequently that the RVer community has coined the nickname "trol... Read More »

How to Prime an Electric Fuel Pump?

A fuel pump is an essential component in a car that forces gasoline into the car's engine. An electric pump is usually installed on the inside of the fuel tank. It builds up pressure in the fuel li... Read More »