How to Prime a Chevy Motor Oil Pump?

Answer One of the most popular American engines ever built, the Chevrolet motor has been fitted into everything from boats to aircraft. Chevy built their motors with an eye toward durability and power gai... Read More »

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How to Prime the Oil Pump?

After an oil change, the low oil pressure light may remain on or the oil pressure gauge may register little or no pressure. This is generally caused by the oil pump losing its prime during an oil c... Read More »

How to Prime a Hot Tub Pump?

Hut tubs need to be primed in order to purge air. Air restricts the pump action. You can tell when a hot tub isn't primed properly because the motor operates, but no water flows to the jets. There ... Read More »

How to Prime an Oil Pump Before the First Start?

In an internal combustion engine, the oil pump regulates the oil pressure and flow to lubricate the engine. Oil is a particularly viscous liquid. As such, it may not always flow readily from the fi... Read More »

How do i prime a shallow well pump?

Once your well goes dry, getting water back into your house can be a chicken or egg type of problem. You need water to prime the pump. But all the water is at the bottom of the well. This is one re... Read More »