How to Price Topsoil?

Answer Add topsoil to the landscape to deepen your planting bed, fill in bare patches or holes, bulk up gardening space or cover sand or clay. Before you tackle this project, measure the area to figure ou... Read More »

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How do i add topsoil?

Preparing the Existing SoilPrepare the lawn by tilling the existing soil using a motorized roto-tiller or a manual tool. This is done to break existing soil and remove rocks, unwanted roots and wee... Read More »

How Much Topsoil Do I Add for New Sod?

Laying sod correctly in your yard will take several days in all. You'll need to remove all old sod, vegetation and debris on the site, and ensure the area is ready to lay sod. Whether or not you ad... Read More »

How do i screen topsoil?

EquipmentBuy or build a soil screening frame. To build a simple frame, screw together 4 equal size pieces of 2x2 inch, or 2x4 inch lumber (typically 4 - 24 inch pieces) to create a square frame. A... Read More »