How to Prevent a Poured Concrete Foundation From Further Deterioration?

Answer Poured concrete foundations generally last a long time. However, certain conditions can cause degradation of the concrete materials; water and weather are the main culprits. If your concrete founda... Read More »

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Should You Keep Newly-Poured Concrete Wet?

Pouring concrete is a process that requires attention during every step. The final step in pouring concrete is curing. The curing process is where the concrete builds up its strength. Concrete is a... Read More »

How much does poured concrete cost?

You should expect to pay around $70 per cubic yard for poured concrete. Other costs to consider, depending on your project, include preparing the ground, reinforcing the concrete with metal rods an... Read More »

How to Measure Concrete to Be Poured?

Measuring the area where Concrete will be placed to calculate how many Cubic Yards, Cubic feet (or Cubic Meters) will be needed.

What is the cost of a poured concrete basement?

To calculate the approximate cost of a concrete basement, multiply the length of the room by the width by the depth and divide by 27. Multiply this number by 1.1 to allow for spillage and any misca... Read More »