How to Prevent a Potential Rape?

Answer Rapists are predators. Period. Predators never let victims know when they will attack ... or that they literally "hunt" for a victim ... By following these tips, you can make your world a little sa... Read More »

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How to Prevent Date Rape?

Although a large segment of society focuses on rape where the perpetrator is a stranger, the majority of rape cases involve a victim who was previously acquainted with the perpetrator. Rapists plan... Read More »

How to Heal From Rape and Sexual Assault (Rape Trauma Syndrome)?

Whether you or someone you love has been raped, follow these steps to assure trauma recovery.

What is the difference between electric potential&electric potential energy?

Electric potential energy describes the maximum amount of energy that can be used in an interaction among two or more charged particles. Electric potential, on the other hand, is the electric poten... Read More »

Is this rape if not what is it?

hpv can be caused without sex. he might have given it to you, but its also possible that you got it some other way.