How to Prevent a Poster From Curling Without a Frame?

Answer Posters and art prints provide an inexpensive solution to bare walls. Teenagers and college students enjoy the freedom to refresh the decor of their rooms by simply changing posters. However, poste... Read More »

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How do I frame a poster?

Measuring the PosterTake the measurements of the poster to be framed. You may leave 1 to 2 inches between the poster and the frame, and 1 inch taller that your poster.Purchasing the FramePurchase a... Read More »

How to Frame a Poster?

Framing a poster helps protect it from damage or deterioration over time. It can also add a more formal touch to the decorative item than just taping or pinning it to a wall would. Here are some ti... Read More »

How to Build an Art Poster Frame?

There are countless ways to frame an art poster. The best way is to mount it on a piece of foam core, mount a piece of acid-free matte around the edge, then place the poster, between the foam core ... Read More »

How can I make my poster stand out without a frame?

If you have any paint you could paint a frame on wall & place poster inside it...making sure it is flat against the wall.You could get posterboard...use sharp box cutter to cut out a frame & place ... Read More »