How to Prevent Wrinkles in Clothes?

Answer It’s a terrible feeling to wake up in the morning to find that you have to pull out the iron before you can leave for work. Why can’t our clothes just magically remain wrinkle free? Fortunately... Read More »

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What causes wrinkles in clothes?

Some of the main causes of clothes getting wrinkled relate to improper washing and drying habits. For example, not drying clothes properly, washing clothes in water that is too hot, not sorting lau... Read More »

How to get wrinkles out of your clothes?

steamget boiling hot water and let the steam seep into the clothes, which removes the wrinklesbooksspritz hot water on them and put them in between big books (make sure you stretch the fabric a lit... Read More »

How to Fold Clothes Without Wrinkles?

Whether you are packing or putting clothes away in a drawer, it's important to fold them correctly. There are two important factors when it comes to folding clothes correctly: Wrinkle prevention an... Read More »

How do you get wrinkles out of clothes without using an iron?

This is something you can use that works 100%. Its called Magic Sizing. You can buy it at most any food store or Wallmart. It comes in a spray can . You use it when ironing. But what you dont know ... Read More »