How to Prevent Too Many Children Crowding Into One Activity Center in a Childcare Center?

Answer Many childcare centers set up smaller activity centers for children to explore during free times. For example, activity centers may include an imaginary play center with costumes and puppets or a p... Read More »

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Activities That Can Be Played With Children to Promote Guidance in a Childcare Center?

The first priority of teachers in a childcare program is keeping children safe and happy. A long-term goal of guidance activities, though, is to help children develop self-mastery. Create a culture... Read More »

Responsibilities of the Director of a Childcare Center?

A director in a daycare supervises the running of the entire daycare facility. Directors should have experience working with children. Good communication skills are necessary, as directors must int... Read More »

How do you prevent your children from picking up germs at childcare?

It's nearly impossible! As early as possible, begin teaching your kids to not put their hands (or other articles) in their mouths, to cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze, and to wash their... Read More »

Step by step how should a director of a childcare center respond to a complaint about child/staff ratio?

I would schedule a conference with the parent...a time to talk , children or staff phones no interruptions...and that is how i would set it up...all cells off time to a d... Read More »