How to Prevent Toddlers From Biting in the Classroom?

Answer Parents and teachers tend to find the issue of children biting quite disturbing, and the parents of the victim, in particular, can feel annoyed about it. But, it is actually a common type of behavi... Read More »

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How to Prevent a Child from Biting?

Different age groups bite for different reasons. Babies bite due to sore gums, the need for comfort and exploration of the world. Children bite due to frustration, anger, fear, the need for indepen... Read More »

MOSQUITO BITES. Does anyone know of a natural remedy to prevent mosquitos from biting.?

(Centre for Disease Control) recommends using an insect repellent on exposed areas of skin. The most effective compound is DEET (N,N-diethyl meta-toluamide), an ingredient in most insect repellents... Read More »

How to Muzzle a Dog to Prevent Biting?

Some dogs bite while at the veterinarian's office or if they're injured and you're attempting to help them. A dog shouldn't be muzzled if it's vomiting, having trouble breathing or unconscious. Oth... Read More »

Creams to Prevent Nail Biting?

Nail biting is a common habit. While it may seem harmless, nail biting has many negative consequences. It can cause sore, bleeding fingertips and cuticles, and may also lead to infections or intest... Read More »